Cold Shipping

There’s nothing worse for customers that are eagerly awaiting your wine than spoilage. To ensure your bottles are delivered with their bouquet intact, there’s the cold shipping option.

WineDirect Cold Packs

If you use WineDirect fulfillment, you can enable Cold Pack shipping. This automatically adds a COLDPACK SKU for orders that use the shipping type ICE-. For everyone else, you’ll need to add the cold pack to your shipping strategy. If you sell multiple brands, you’ll also need to assign the SKU as the Default Product Brand.

Adding Cold Packs

  1. Email and ask for Cold Packs to be enabled.
  2. Contact your fulfillment rep or about adding the COLDPACK SKU.
  3. From the Admin Panel, click Store > Shipping and select a strategy to edit.
  4. Under Methods, either add a new shipping method, or edit an existing one.
  5. Enter the name and description, and make sure to add ICE- before the carrier code.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Contact your fulfillment rep or to confirm that your setup is complete.

Acquiring Shipping Carrier Codes

Any time that you make changes to your fulfillment process, you should always consult your vendors about potential impact. Once you’ve confirmed that you are able to use one of the options below, you’ll be ready to create a cold pack shipping strategy.

  • If your vendor supplies a code for use, then you’re ready to add a shipping strategy.
  • Using ShipCompliant often lets you add ICE- (hyphen included!) before the carrier code to enable cold packing. You should always confirm this change directly with your fulfillment center.
  • With WineDirect Fulfillment, after you’ve set up cold packs, simply add ICE- before your carrier code.

Creating a Cold Pack Shipping Strategy 

When it comes time to offering cold pack shipping options, it can be useful to think about the strategy in terms of seasons. Using cold pack as a specialized shipping strategy provides alternatives during the hotter months of the year. This strategy can also be selected as the default shipping method when editing or creating products.

  1. From the Admin Panel, click Store > Shipping. Click the +.
  2. Add a name for your strategy, and select the Rate Type.
  3. In this strategy, click Add Method.
  4. Add a name and description, before adding your confirmed cold pack carrier code.
  5. Click Add Zone to create your shipping zones and the applicable rates.
  6. Click Save.