To deliver to your customers, you’ll need a Shipping Strategy that outlines the how, where, and cost of shipping your wine and merchandise.

A Shipping Strategy defines how you’ll ship to the regions you sell in, while automatically applying shipping rates in the checkout and Point of Sale process. You’ll need at least one before you can sell online. Adding multiple strategies allows you to create special rates for club members or promotional offers while your primary strategy applies online and through your POS.

We’ll cover creating a strategy and adding methods and zones, and applying rates to the products you sell.

Creating a Shipping Strategy

  1. From the Admin Panel, click Store > Shipping. Click the +.
  2. Add a name for your strategy, and select the Rate Type.
  3. Click Save.

Now that your Shipping Strategy has been created, you’re ready to add a method.

Adding Shipping Methods

Sometimes people leave their wine purchases until the last minute, so providing multiple shipping methods, like standard or expedited, can be a gift to customers in a rush. Whether you offer one method or one-hundred, having an informative description tied to the carrier code of your fulfillment provider speeds up the ordering process.

  1. From within your Strategy, click Add Method.
  2. Add a name, description, and carrier code.
  3. Adjust the requirements and restrictions to best fit your needs.
  4. Click Add.

Adding Shipping Zones

If a customer picks out a bottle for delivery, there are different rates for being down the road as opposed to the other side of the country. By grouping together certain locations where you deliver, you can create a zone with a distinct rate attached. That rate is then displayed and added to an order when your customers provide their destination.

  1. From within your Strategy, click Add Zone.
  2. Add each location you want to group into a single region and assign a name.
  3. Click Add.

Adding Shipping Rates

You’ve got a strategy that covers how you’ll charge for shipping and a method that outlines how orders will be delivered. Now that you’ve created the zones that detail where, all that’s left is to apply a rate for incoming orders.

  1. In your strategy, choose a zone and click Add Rate.
  2. Choose which method to apply to this zone.
  3. Depending on the rate type for the strategy, you’ll need to enter the minimum and maximum number of items, weight, or value, and assign an amount to charge.
  4. Choose how you want the system to automatically handle orders larger than your maximum order size.
  5. Click Add.

You can add additional rates until all shipping methods are available for each zone.