07/24/23 - 08/04/23 Update Log
  • 04 Aug 2023
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07/24/23 - 08/04/23 Update Log

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This biweekly update is a chance to review, at a glance, what has become available to you as a Winery User and any changes in the functionality of the All-New WineDirect.

Point of Sale

Application Availability - The All New WineDirect POS application is now available on the Apple App Store. Please note that only iPads are compatible. Learn More

POS Profiles Functionality - Multiple POS profiles are supported, and new POS Profiles can be created from the main WineDirect account. Learn More

POS Profiles Functionality - Tip settings are available for no tipping, percentage-based, or custom tip. All tips are based on the order total, not subtotal. Learn More

POS App Functionality - ID Tech VP3300 EMV terminals are now compatible. Terminals are discoverable within the app and show battery percentage in the app.

POS App Functionality - Tap, card insert, swipe, apple pay, and google pay are all available payment options with the EMV terminal.

POS App Functionality - New Wine Club Members can be added within the app. These members will be automatically created in the main WineDirect account.

POS App Functionality - The app will automatically check for minor updates available upon every login and complete the update at the next logout.


Email Campaign Functionality - Email Campaigns can now be created in the main WineDirect account. Learn More

SendGrid x WineDirect Integration - A SendGrid integration can now be set up and required to create email campaigns. Learn More

Email Campaign Functionality - Dynamic templates can be created within SendGrid to be used in WineDirect Email Campaigns. Learn More

Email Campaign Functionality - Dynamic customizable Handlebars in templates can be defined in the WineDirect main account. Learn More

Email Campaign Functionality - How to use the SendGrid interface documentation is available. Learn More

Homepage Dashboard UI - A new homepage dashboard now has never-before-available metrics that populate and update automatically. Learn More

Products Page Functionality - The search bar at the top of the product page of WineDirect now has filters to specify searches further. Learn More

Wine Clubs

Release Functionality - Admins can optionally define minimum and/or Maximum total quantities of products in a Release. Learn More

Release Functionality - Line Item prices can be updated individually within Release Settings. Products with prices changed will not have promotions stacked. Learn More

Release Functionality - Bulk draft order creation or order processing can be done by selecting the Elipses (...) to the far right of a release. Learn More

Releases UI - Switched to allow members to modify their club orders have been added but have not been made functional. Learn More

Memberships UI - Pending is a new status for Wine Club members if a shipping/billing address is missing or a credit card is not on file. Learn More

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