09/29/2023 - 10/13/2023 Update Log
  • 13 Oct 2023
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09/29/2023 - 10/13/2023 Update Log

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This biweekly update is a chance to review, at a glance, what has become available as a WineDirect user and any changes in the functionality of the All-New WineDirect.


Editing Functionality - When logged into a winery's website, customers can edit Wine Club orders before shipment. The Order information in the WIneDirect Admin Panel will show these updates.

Payment Methods Editing Functionality - Customers can add new credit cards when logged into a winery's website. These credit cards will appear in their Customer Profile in the WineDirect Admin Panel.


Order Management Functionality - The Orders tab is now clickable, and the order list page is available in the WineDirect Admin Panel.

Order Management Functionality - Order details can be viewed from the WineDirect admin panel by clicking on specific orders in the order list.

Order Management Functionality - An order's detail page shows the payment processing timeline.

Order Management Functionality - Notes can be added to an order in an order's detail page. They cannot be highlighted yet.

WineDirect Payments Functionality - WineDirect Payments can now be enabled through the Ecommerce Admin Panel.

WineDirect Payments Functionality - When logging in to a winery's website, customers can use saved credit cards or add new ones at checkout. New credit cards will be saved to their Customer Profile in WineDirect.

Shipping Carrier Codes Functionality - Service Level Carrier Codes can be added to shipping zones from the WineDirect Admin Panel under settings.

Point of Sale

App Version Update - The iOS application has been updated to version 1.0.8

Wine Club Functionality - Club Options can now be changed from a customer's profile within the application

Credit Card Functionality - Credit Card information can now be captured and saved to a customer's profile by swiping with an EMV reader.

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