Add and Update Customer Information
  • 13 Feb 2024
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Add and Update Customer Information

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By clicking the "Add Customer" at the top right of the Customers Tab or the Elipses (...) next to an existing customer, a comprehensive list of categories and fields will be available to develop comprehensive profiles for customers.

General Information

When creating or editing customer information, the General Information section is where you fill in all the basic and necessary information to identify your customer. Anything section that is labeled (optional) is not a required field to save and finalize your customer information.

Customer Groups and Tags

Customer Groups are collections of customers that can be selected when creating email campaigns designed for a specific grouping of customers. An example would be a group named 'Seniors' so that you can create a targeted email campaign for all customers over 65.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To add a new group, select the arrow next to the Customer Group field, scroll down to the bottom, and click Add Customer Group

Order History

The order history of a customer can be viewed in their profile. This list acts like the Order List in the WineDirect admin panel. The main difference is that the Order History list is a curated list of just one customer's orders that can be reviewed.

Address Book

Your customer's address book will provide the information necessary to ensure that you are sending your packages to the right place and keeping track of any specific delivery requests the customer has noted.

You can add multiple addresses to a customer's Address Book. If there are multiple addresses, the address selected as the Default will be automatically selected for shipping when the customer places an order.

Specific address details can be viewed and edited by selecting the three dots on the right of the desired address sent to the Default toggle.

Adding New Address

Select the "Add Address" button at the top right of the customer's Address Book to add a new or additional address for a customer.

After selecting Add Address, you will be taken to where you can fill out all the necessary information for your customer's new address.

Customer Wallet

You can add or manage multiple payment methods within your customer's details. 

Before adding any payment method, you can add Store Credit to a customer's profile. Store credit can be used to pay for orders if this customer should be credited.


Once a payment method is added to a customer profile, you will see the following information:

  • Cardholder - This is the name on the credit card that has been added.
  • Card Number - the credit card number will be displayed in the format **** **** **** 1234
  • Expiry - This is the expiry date of the credit card
  • Default Method - If there are multiple credit cards associated with a customer, the default payment method that is selected will automatically be chosen during checkout


If you have any time-sensitive actions that need to be completed for a customer, you can set Tasks for them within their customer profile.

Creating a New Task

To begin adding a new task for a customer, click the Add Task button in the top right area of the Task section of the customer's details.

Once Add Task has been clicked, a menu will appear with the customer's name and related sections pre-filled. Within this menu, the only field required to be filled out is the Subject. We suggest making this title as detailed as possible. The optional fields include the following:

  • Description - Here, you can expand on any necessary details that may aid your team in completing the Task
  • Due Date - If your Task is time-sensitive, you may set a due date so that anyone viewing the customer's profile will be notified if the Task is overdue.
  • Assignee - If the Task is specific to an account user within your team, you can assign them a task so they will be directly notified of the Task, due date, or overdue status.

When the task details are submitted, the list of open tasks will be visible in the task section of the customer's profile.

Closing Tasks

By closing a task, you mark the Task as completed or resolved. To close a task, click the three dots on the far right side and select "Close Task."

Once a task is closed, all the same information will be available, but in the Closed Tasks section of the customer's tasks. This will allow you and your team to keep a history of all tasks created and completed in a customer's lifetime.


Overdue Tasks

A warning banner will become visible at the top of the customer's details page if a task becomes overdue. If the Task is assigned to an internal team member, they will be notified via email.


you may wish to keep track of your customers' interactions with your company or save any interesting information. This is where creating notes for a customer comes in.

Adding a New Note

To add a new note, select the Add Note button at the top right of the notes section of the customer's details.

Once Add Note is selected, a pre-filled form with the customer's name will appear. It is required to add a subject to the notes. It is suggested to make these as detailed as possible. Optionally, add a description to understand the Note's significance better. The option of highlighting a Note is available. Once the fields are filled, press submit to save the Note.

Highlighted Notes

If a note is Highlighted, a banner will appear at the top of the customer's details page, notifying any team member viewing the Note page. More than 1 note can be highlighted at a time.

Deleting Notes

If a mistake is made or a specific note is no longer required, it can be deleted. To delete a note, select the Elipses (...) at the far right side of a note and press Delete Note. Confirm this choice, as it is permanent and irreversible.



Relationships are important to customers. The relations can add to their profile to help keep track of your customer's close relationships.

Adding New Relationship

To add a new relationship to a customer's details profile, click the Add Relation button in the top right area of the Relationship section of the customer's details.

Once "Add Relation" is selected, a form will pop up and prompt you to fill in the relations information. The mandatory information for each relation is First and Last Name and the Relationship Type. The rest of the fields are optional and recommended.


The options for Relationship Type in the dropdown menu are Partner, Family, Friend, Colleague, or Child.

Once the information is submitted, the relations will appear in the Relationships List in the Customer Details profile.

Deleting Relationships

If a mistake is made or a specific relationship is no longer valid, it can be deleted/ To delete a note, select the ellipses (...) at the far right side of a note and press Delete Note. Confirm this choice, as it is permanent and irreversible.


Important Dates

Multiple Important Dates can be added to the customer's details. This can be useful in creating custom promotions or email marketing campaigns for specific customer cohorts.

When Creating an important date, the following Date Types can be selected: Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Work Anniversary, or Other.

When selecting Other, you are highly encouraged to add Date Notes to add specific details about the date to help your team fully utilize the information provided. If you choose any other date type, you are still encouraged to add date notes to obtain a more holistic understanding of your customer.


Customer Account Settings provides options for how a customer wishes to be communicated.

Account Contact: Sales Associate/Account Manager

If you wish to track which of your users added a customer or have a list of important customers given to account managers, you may choose from the dropdown menu for the user to assign to the customer.

Account Contact: Referred By 

If you have a referral rewards program, you can choose from a list of your current customers from the dropdown menu to be assigned as the referrer to that customer's information. The referrer will then automatically be part of the referrer grouping, which can be selected when creating custom campaigns. 


Contact Preference: Transactional Communication 

When your customers purchase from your store, you can customize how they want to be updated about that purchase. They can choose any combination: Email, Phone, or SMS (Text Message). The same option will be given for any marketing materials you send out to your customers. Choosing no communication for your customer is possible, but this is unrecommended.


Cookie Preferences

Cookie preferences are the types of cookies users have turned on or off on a particular website or browser. Within customers, Contact Preferences, a user will be able to manage which of the following cookies are Accepted or Rejected:

  • Functional Cookies: allow websites to remember the user's site preferences and choices they make on the site, including username, region, and language
  • Analytic Cookies: These track website visitors and their user behavior. This data is then used to improve the way the website works and, in turn, used to improve user experience.
  •  Targeting/Advertising: These Cookies collect user information and use it to build a profile of users' interests and then show personalized ads for that specific user.  

A user will not be able to Accept or Reject Strictly Necessary/Required Cookies. This is because strictly necessary cookies are classified as cookies that must be present for the website to provide its basic functions. They are essential to access the website's features and could include signing in and adding items to a cart.


Wine Club Membership

At a glance, you can see basic membership details of all, if any, wine club memberships the customer is a member of.

Managing Membership Details

By clicking the Elipses (...) > Membership Details to the right of a specific club, you will be taken to a new screen where you can update several details about the customer's membership.

Here, you can review a customer's billing and shipping information.

It is also possible to set the status of a customer's membership as either Active or Hold and choose whether the wine club's releases will be Shipped or picked up. 

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