Adding New Wine Clubs
  • 07 Mar 2024
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Adding New Wine Clubs

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WineDirect's Wine Clubs feature allows you to cultivate a loyal customer base, foster direct customer relationships, and offer exclusive access to limited releases and special discounts.

Wine Club Details

To access Wine Clubs and begin adding new clubs, go to the log in to WineDirect > Wine Clubs > + ADD CLUB (button at the top right of the page)

You will be taken to the Club Details page, where you will need to fill out the following pieces of information:

Club NameA unique club name created by the winery
Membership Fee (Optional)An optional 1-time membership fee will be paid at checkout
Tax Code (Optional)Tax codes are required to calculate sales tax during the checkout process. You can search for the appropriate tax code by clicking the Avalara Tax Codes link above the field.
Default Shipping OriginShipping origin location of all your releases
Default Pickup LocationPickup location option for all releases for your customer 
+ PICK LOCATION buttonIf multiple inventory locations are available, they can be added as pickup location options for customers.
Default Shipping Inventory PoolThe location where inventory will be removed for each release that is shipped. This cannot be changed.
Default Pickup Inventory PoolThe location where inventory will be removed from each time a customer picks up their release
Club Description (Optional)Create an enticing description for the Wine Club and the unique benefits
Terms & Conditions
For you to create and describe the terms and conditions of a Club Membership. Club membership cannot be finalized until customers agree to these conditions if enabled.

Club Options

Club options in a brand new feature for WineDirect that allows you to create a Wine Club but gives your customers a choice of specified variables defined by the winery.

The Terms and Conditions and benefits will stay the same. Only the variety of products and quantities will change without creating multiple Clubs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a User's Choice Club. You will still define exactly what products go into each option. 

When customers sign up for a Wine Club with options enabled, they will be presented with the different options before being added to their cart.

Storefront Visibility

You can select which storefronts you wish for the Wine Club to be visible on your websites default Wine Club page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a club's visibility is toggled off, it does not deactivate the account. Members can still be added and managed manually.


You can add images that will be seen on your website to help promote and sell your Wine Club. We recommendWe recommend GIF, JPG, or PNG images. Dimensions 1280x1280px with a Maximum size of 10MB.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Images will not change depending on which Club Option a customer chooses. We recommend using multiple images showcasing all Club Options or thematically promoting the club.

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