Avalara Compliance with WineDirect
  • 26 Sep 2023
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Avalara Compliance with WineDirect

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Businesses must track industry-specific rules, forms, and submission dates for several compliance processes, including licensing, product registrations, and various returns and reports. Recently added rules and requirements for direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping have added more complexity, risk, and cost. Avalara and WineDirect are automating tax calculation and regulatory compliance so that you can focus on selling wine direct-to-consumer. Learn more about Avalara's partnership with WineDirect.   

What is Included with WineDirect

Winedirect's partnership with Avalara includes basic tax calculations. You also have the option to upgrade to Avalara's comprehensive compliance management.


Avalara Licensing for Beverage Alcohol files necessary tax permit forms, license applications, and renewals to operate, sell, and maintain compliance in each jurisdiction. 

Comprehensive coverage: Generate license and tax permit requests for all jurisdictions using company information securely stored in our system.       

Renewal requests and revisions: Generate renewals based on known state deadlines and processing lead times.           

Holistic visibility and tracking: Check your company's license compliance exposure and view a snapshot of all active and outstanding licenses.


AvaTax for Beverage Alcohol identifies regulatory requirements and tax types in multiple jurisdictions and provides one central location for storing beverage alcohol tax compliance information.

Multi-tax support: In real-time, calculate your sales and use, excise, and markup taxes. 

Prebuilt integration: Easily connect with an ever-growing universe of popular beverage alcohol and e-commerce platforms. 

Shipping verification: Help determine if a transaction complies with the origin and destination rules at the time of purchase.

Product Registration   

Avalara product registration for Beverage Alcohol submits new product registration applications (brand and label registrations) at the state and federal levels, renews product registrations where requested, and submits required product revisions.

New products: Respond to intelligent, automated prompts for required documents, including distributor appointment and brand authorization letters, copies of labels, COLAs, and other forms. 

Automated renewals: Maintain compliance with auto-generated product renewal submissions based on state-specific rules and active product lists stored in the platform. 

Modifications: Generate product modification applications based on state-based rules and ABV, vintage, and bottle size changes.

Returns and Reporting 

Avalara Returns for Beverage Alcohol streamlines tax and shipment reporting filing, including sales tax, state and local excise tax, markup tax, and other DTC and wholesale channels filings.  

Direct-to-consumer and wholesale returns: Generate forms and file returns for sales and use, state and local excise, and markup taxes, including detailed shipping reports. 

Single payment source: Allow us to pull and remit funds to appropriate jurisdictions on your behalf. 

Seamless integration: Easily access sales transaction data directly from AvaTax for BeverageAlcohol or from POS, ecommerce, and ERP systems.

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