Coupon Promotions
  • 12 Oct 2023
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Coupon Promotions

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Article summary

Coupon Promotions combines the existing coupon functionality of Coupon Codes with the features provided by Automatic Promotions, allowing you to craft more targeted discounts for your customers.

Flexible and easier to access, Coupon Promotions are found under MarketingPromotions in the control panel. 

Current Limitations

The following legacy coupon code features are currently not supported by Coupon Promotions but will be implemented in a future release:

  • The ability to exclude Automatic Promotions.
  • Location Restriction Settings
  • Shipping Method Restriction Settings

Types of Coupon Promotions

Coupon Promotions utilize the same discount types available in Automatic Promotions. They are:

Shipping discounts

  • Order at least X units of product Y, and get free shipping to specific shipping zones.
  • Orders totaling more than one amount get free shipping to specific shipping zones.

Product discounts

  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy one, get something else free
  • Buy (X units) of Product A, get (Y units) of Product B for $ or % off per unit.
  • Apply an amount or % off to Product X

Brand discounts

  • Apply a $ or % discount to each item in one or more brands (can exclude certain brands)

Category discounts

  • Apply an amount or % of each item in one or more categories (can exclude specific subcategories)
  • Buy X units in (Category A), and get Y additional units in the same category free (must be of equal or lesser value)
  • Apply a tiered discount to applicable products based on the number of items ordered within one or more categories.

Order discounts

  • Spend at least the specified amount, and apply an amount or % discount to the order subtotal.
  • Spend at least the specified amount, and get one unit of Product Y for an amount or % off.
  • Spend at least the specified amount, and get Y% off (one or all) unit(s) of the (most minor or most) expensive item(s) in the cart.

Viewing Coupon Promotions

To view and manage your Coupon Promotions, go to MarketingPromotions.

Here you will see a list of your active and disabled coupon promotions. You'll also see the following statistics and settings:

  • Name — the internal name of the coupon promotion
  • Coupon Code — the text that the customer enters at checkout (not case-sensitive)
  • Currency — the currency the promotion will affect. Percentage-based discounts can optionally be applied to "All Currencies."
  • Uses — how often the promotion has been triggered / total number of allowed uses
  • Start — the date and time for the promotion to activate
  • End — the date and time for the promotion to expire
  • Active? — whether or not the promotion is currently active; toggle to enable/disable

Click the Action icon to the right of a coupon promotion to edit the settings. To permanently delete a coupon promotion, check the box next to its name, then click the Trash icon in the top navigation. This option only displays once you have selected a coupon promotion.

You can also select Delete from the action menu.

Creating a Coupon Promotion

To create a Coupon, go to MarketingPromotions and click + Create with Advanced Editor.

Enter the summary of your coupon by filling out the form shown below:

Select a Targeting for which customers have access to the promotion. The only mandatory targeting rule to use is the currency.

You then will be able to add other optional targeting rules based on either; Customer Group, Customer Segmentation, or Shipping Destination.

Next, you need to apply what Rules will need to be satisfied to receive the discount offered.

There are several pre-built rules, but you can also create a custom rule.

Finally, you need to set a Usage Limit to minimize or maximize the number of times customers can use the coupon.

Duration Dates and Times

The duration settings allow you to set a specific period during which your promotion should run. When selecting your date period, keep the following in mind:

  • All dates and times will be in your store's time zone
  • Rules will only apply to orders placed after the rule was created, regardless of the start date and time.
  • If you update your store's time zone or change the Daylight Savings Time setting, your rule will start at its original starting time. For example, if your rule is set to begin at noon, and you move forward one hour in time, your rule will now start at 11 am in your new time zone.

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