Wine Club Memberships
  • 13 Feb 2024
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Wine Club Memberships

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There are currently two ways that customers can be added to an existing Wine Club. 

Self-Serve Sign-Up

Customers can sign up online by adding a membership product to their cart and proceeding through the checkout process. This can be processed as a $0.00 order, not requiring credit card entry.

Manual Sign Up

1. To access and add Wine Club Members, start at your WineDirect Admin Panel > Wine Clubs > Select an Existing Wine Club > Membership  

2. Click the + ADD MEMBERSHIP button at the top right of the screen.

3. Search for a name you wish to add as a member and select Submit. The search bar will only find people on your Customers List.

Member Profile

By clicking a member's name within the Membership List, their profile for that Wine Club will open.

A member's status, delivery method, and club option (if available) are shown here by clicking on the corresponding tiles.

There are four potential statuses for Club Members:

  1. Active - An Active member can have orders created and processed
  2. On-Hold - These members will not have orders created when Wine Club Releases are processed.
  3. Canceled - These are former members of a Wine Club. This group of members can be used for analytics or targeted marketing.
  4. Pending - These are soon-to-be active members but are missing some required information, such as a shipping/billing address or a saved credit card.

The Billing and Destination addresses can be manually changed based on the saved addresses in the Address Book of their Customer Profile by selecting either EDIT BILLING or EDIT SHIPPING buttons.

Staff Notes Required Manual Processing

An option to add Staff Notes is at the bottom of the Membership Profile. These notes will only appear in the WineDirect Admin panel and can be used as reminders for special instructions for a member's special accommodations. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Members will NOT see these notes at any time.

Required Manual Processing

Some members will have regular special requirements regarding their membership release orders. If a customer always switches their address or form of payment before a release, WineDirect users can switch on MANUAL PROCESSING REQUIRED and add instructions on processing. Theis toggleable switch is located at the bottom of a membership profile.

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