Wine Club Releases
  • 10 Nov 2023
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Wine Club Releases

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Let customers know when to expect and what is included in their next Wine Club shipment. 

To access Wine Club Releases, Login to WineDirect > Wine Clubs > Select an Existing Wine Club > Releases  

Adding New Releases

Release Details

1. Click the + ADD RELEASE button at the top right

2. Fill out the required details for the new Release: 

Release Name A custom name to describe the new Release. Usually a month or season, and a year
Qualification DateThe date on which customers must have been registered in the club to qualify for the Release
Shipment DateThe date the Release will be shipped
Shipping OrdersTurn on or off if the Release can be shipped
Pickup OrdersTurn on or off if the release cab ne picked-up
Release Description (Optional)A detailed description of the Release. Some ideas include vintage descriptions, winemaking notes, and shipping/pickup details.

Customer Modifications (Optional)

Two switches can be turned on at the bottom of the Release Details page.

  • Allow members to modify Club orders - This allows members to switch items or change the quantities of bottles for each Release. If this switch is turned ON, member modification will be activated for all Wine Club Release Options.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Members will remain constrained to the Minimum/Maximum quantity rules set for total order quantity and individual product quantity.

  • Allow members to add additional items to Club Orders. This will allow members to add additional products you have available outside a release to be included in a single shipment/pickup.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This switch is currently deactivated and unavailable to winery users. This will be available soon.

Minimum and Maximum Quantities (Optional)

At the bottom of the Release Details page, some fields will allow for control of how big or small a release order can be.

  • Minimum Quantity - A release order has to be at least this many products
  • Maximum Allowed - A release order can only be a maximum of this many products

Release Options

Below the Release Details, the Release Options will be available if Wine Club Options have been created.

You can add products by selecting the drop-down menu below the Option name. 

After adding a product, increase or decrease the quantity using the - or + under the QTY column.

To remove a product, click the ellipsis (...) on the far right of the Product and select Remove Product.

Updating Product Pricing

To provide special pricing for a product if included in a Wine Club Release Option, click the Elipsiss (...) on the far right of a product and select Update Unit Price. A new window will show the Product's default price and a field to enter the new price. Click Submit to save any changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Other active promotions will not stack if a product's price changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This has to be done on each Product. There is no bulk price-changing functionality.

Creating and Processing Orders

Bulk Orders

Once a release is ready, go to the main Releases page of a specific Wine Club. Clicking the Elipses (...) to the right of a release, options to 'Generate Orders' or 'Process Draft Orders' will be available. All release orders will be affected if one of these options is selected.

Individual Order Processing

If 'Generate Orders' was selected, all members who are signed up for a release will have Draft Orders created in the Orders section of a release. 

Review the 'Order Status' Column of this page, one of two symbols will be next to the word 'Draft':

  1. Exclamation Mark - Not all required member information is present; therefore, an Order cannot be processed. Usually, This means an address or credit card is missing.
  2. Check Mark - All member information is input, and the draft order can be processed. This does not guarantee that an order will be successfully processed.

Individual Draft orders can be processed, deleted, or edited by selecting the Elipses (...) to the far right of the order row. 

Bulk Action Order Processing

By clicking the boxes on the far left of the order rows, multiple draft orders can be processed or deleted by clicking Bulk Actions > Process Draft Orders/Delete Draft Orders.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The box selection and 'Bulk Actions' option only process/delete draft orders on a single page.

Editing Draft Orders

Once a Wine Club draft order has been made, users can edit it by going to Wine Clubs > Select a Club > Releases > Select a Release > Select a Draft Order.

Customer Information

Delivery Method Users can toggle whether or not the customer will have their club release delivered to them or picked up at a designated location.
Billing AddressThis can be edited and changed by selecting EDIT 
Edit Pickup LocationIf an alternative pickup location has been added to the Wine Club Profile, users can change where a member can pick up their club release.
DestinationIf a club release is to be delivered, the shipping address can be changed by selecting EDIT next to destination.
Payment MethodIf a Club Member has multiple credit cards saved to their customer profile wallet, users can change the form of payment by selecting EDIT PAYMENT.

Release Sale Summary

Before updating or processing the order, the following can be changed to the order products:

Product Quantity
By selecting the + or - sign in the QTY column, users can either add or reduce the amount of a specific product.
Add Product
By searching for a product in the search bar and clicking on it, that product will be added to the order with a QTY of 1, which can then be increased or decreased.
Remove Product
Selecting the ellipses (...) at the far right of a row, Removed Product will be available.
Shipping Method
If the website is connected to a fulfillment service with multiple shipping options, this can be edited by selecting the ellipses to the far right of the Shipping row.

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