Reservations via Tock
  • 25 Aug 2023
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Reservations via Tock

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WineDirect has partnered with Tock, the leading winery reservation management software provider, to make it easy for you to offer guests convenient reservations for tours, tastings, culinary experiences, and special events.

Seamlessly integrated, WineDirect and Tock provide deep customer insights, reduce no-shows, improve your team's efficiency, and increase sales. By knowing your guests' membership information and wine preferences before they walk in the door, you can offer the world-class hospitality your guests have come to expect.

Tock is trusted by leading restaurants and wineries worldwide, including Italics Winegrowers, Tank Garage, The French Laundry, SingleThread, B.R. Cohn, and more.

Learn more about Tock's best-in-class reservation tools and our integration.

Already a Tock and WineDirect client? Connect your accounts to unlock deep customer insight and track reservations through your Admin Panel—email for help and instructions.


What is Tock?

Tock is the Reservation, table management, and CRM system used by the world's best wineries.

Tock offers the wine industry a complete reservation, guest, and table management system that puts them in control of the booking process. The platform has standard and prepaid reservations, sophisticated hospitality, and dynamic pricing tools and allows guests to see everything a winery offers, all in one place. 

Tock has processed over $290M of prepaid reservations in addition to millions of standard reservations in 18 countries around the globe.

Who else uses Tock?

Leading restaurants and wineries worldwide use Tock, including:

How does the integration work?

To start, Tock will pull the following information from WineDirect:

  • Contact info
  • Contact Notes
  • Wine Club Membership data

When a reservation is booked, Tock will send the following information back to WineDirect:

  • Contact info (update existing or create a new record)
  • Reservation order in WineDirect Admin Panel

In the future, we will build a deeper integration that will strengthen CRM capabilities and provide greater efficiencies to your team.

For more details on the data shared between the platforms, please refer to this integration overview and list of fields used.

How do I connect my Tock and WineDirect accounts?

Connecting your Tock and WineDirect accounts is easy. First, you must sign up for a web service account. Once that's done, connect your accounts or email, and they will help you set up your connection.

If you're a Lite client, please get in touch with, and they will configure a web services account for you.

Is Tock included in my existing WineDirect plan?

Tock operates as a separate platform, and you must be a client of WineDirect and Tock to take advantage of our integration. To view plans and pricing, click here. To learn more, please contact our team via the form on this page:

What are WineDirect plan tiers eligible for the Tock integration?

Our integration with Tock is available to all Lite, Plus, and Enterprise clients in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Can I refund reservation payments made via Tock in WineDirect?

No. Tock's payment processing operates independently of WineDirect, so it's impossible to issue a refund for any charges made during booking through WineDirect.

How does reporting work for reservations made via Tock?

Reservations made on Tock flow over to WineDirect as an order when they are reserved. These orders have Order Type = Reservation and will show the dollar amount paid on Tock.
Reservation orders will be displayed in your sales reports like any other product. 

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