Adding an Allocation
  • 13 Jun 2024
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Adding an Allocation

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The Allocations builder allows you to manage limited production releases and other exclusive wines. 

How To Add An Allocation

1. In the Admin Panel, navigate to Store > Allocations.

2. Click [+] Add an Allocation.

3. Read the following sections to learn more about adding an allocation.

General Information

1. Enter the Name for your Allocation

2. Enter an Internal Name for your Allocation.

3. Enter a Start Date and End Date. The Ship Date field is optional and can be left blank. Please note the Ship Date does not mark a Future Ship Date on these orders; it is simply a front-end view of when your customer can expect it to ship. If left blank, no Ship Date will appear online.

4. Press Save


1. Click on Edit in the Products section.

2. Select the SKUs from the drop-down menu to add products to your Allocation. Note that only products that are marked as Is Allocated will appear in the drop-down. To allocate an SKU, please see the Allocating A Wine Documentation.

3. Next, enter the product's Minimum Qty (Quantity) and Maximum Qty. You can also enter a Default Qty. The Default is the amount of wine that appears to be already chosen for them when they look at their release options online. They can change this at the time of purchase.

Remember that adding a Minimum Qty does not force the customer to purchase this SKU in the Allocation. It will restrict them from purchasing less than the Minimum Qty entered, but they can still choose not to purchase this SKU.

*Please note that the Minimum Qty also makes this SKU as required if you have the New Checkout tool enabled.

4. Press Save.



Use the Members section to select contact types or clubs for this Allocation. Members can be added to Contact Types in several ways, most commonly using a Mailing List Signup form. Your Mailing List Signup form should include all the elements needed for future contact with the customer, including creating a username and password. In this way, once a member has been added, you can email them the good news and an invitation to log in and update any or all account information.

1. Press Edit in the Members section.

2. Check the boxes in the Contact Types and Clubs sections to which you want the Allocation to apply.


Wish List

The Wish List section will show a list of customers who've requested additional wine. Customers can be added to this list in two ways:

1. They can make requests on the front end after taking any part of their Allocation. Learn more about the public-facing Wish List.

2. You can Add a Wish for them through the admin panel.

To Add a Wish List Request:

  1. Click Add a Wish in the Wish List section of the Allocation Builder.


2. Use the popup window that appears to search for the member you would like to add a request for. You can search by First/Last NameCompanyPhoneEmail, or Contact Type.

3. Once you've found the member you're looking for, click the Add button.

4. Add the appropriate Wish Quantity and click Save.

Granting Wishes:

Go to the Wish List section under the Allocation Builder and select the appropriate customer from the list of people who've made requests. And you have two options:


1. Click Grant Wish, and you will see a window showing the maximum quantity this member can purchase. To grant the wish, update the customer's max quantity, and click Save.


2. Click Create Order to see the standard Add an Order window, which will default to the review tab. If all looks fine with the order, click Process Order in the bottom right corner.


If you want to make changes or see red error messages on the order, use the tabs to the left to modify the customer's billing address, shipping address, items (including handling and sales tax), shipping charges, or payment information. Finally, go back to the Review tab and click Process Order.


The stats section will show your allocation stats. This includes the following:

Members In AllocationThis will show your total number of members that can access the Allocation.
Members Who PurchasedA total number of ones who have purchased the Allocation.
ProductThis will show the list of Products that are part of the Allocation.
Inventory InThis will display the various inventory pools you created in WineDirect and show how much is available in each pool.
SoldHow much wine have you sold on this Allocation?
OutstandingHow much wine is expected to be sold on this Allocation based on the maximum allowed quantity and amount of Allocation members? Custom Grants are added to this total. Wishes are not added to this total until you have granted the wish.
Wished ForHow many full bottles members have wished for?
Granted Above DefaultHow many total bottles have been granted to members?

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