Auto Populating Data In An Email
  • 26 May 2023
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Auto Populating Data In An Email

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Article Summary

Here is a list of items you can include in your emails that auto populates information based on your contact database. All auto-populated fields, except for the Gift Card Code, will only pull data from the customer record in the General tab. Auto-populated fields ONLY populate in the content of the email itself, not the subject title.

Email Documents Auto Populating Tags

The following tags can be used in any email document sent to a contact list

First Name//FirstName//The customer's first name is saved on file.
Last Name//LastName//The customer's last name is saved on file.
Company Name//Company//The customer's first company is saved on file.
Address//Address//The customer's first billing address is saved on file.
Address Line 2//Address2//The customer's first billing address, 2, is saved on file.
City//City//The customer's first billing address city is saved on file.
State/Province Code//StateCode//The customer's first billing state is saved on file.
Zip/Postal Code//ZipCode//The customer's first billing address zip code is saved on file.
Phone Number//Phone//The customer's first billing address and phone number are saved on file.
Username//Username//The customer's first username is saved on file.
Business Address//BusinessAddress//Displays business address information from Website Settings.

Displays an encrypted password using eight asterisk signs and a forgot password link, i.e., ********* (Forgot Password?), so customers who have forgotten their Password can update it from your website.

Additional Contacts Unsubscribe Link


They are automatically added to the bottom (cannot be removed) into copies of transactional emails received by any additional emails on a contact. It allows other emails to unsubscribe/remove their email from a connection.

System Emails Auto Populating Tags

The following tags are used across System Emails:





Order Number//OrderNumber//
Order Details//OrderBlob//
Club Details//ClubBlob//
Club Name//ClubName//
Tracking Button//TrackingButton//Generates a button linking to the tracking page for that order
Tracking Link//TrackingLink//The link to the order tracking page. 
Tracking Number//TrackingNumber//The order tracking number
Gift Card Code//GiftCode//
Sender First Name//SenderFirstName//
Sender Last Name//SenderLastName//
Gift Message//GiftMessage//
Email Address//Email//The customer's email address
Website Name//WebsiteName//The name of your account displayed at the top of your Admin Panel
Product Title//ProductTitle//
Blog Title//BlogTitle//
Product Display//ProductDisplay//

Club Processing Email Auto Populating Tags

The following tags can be used only in Club Processing emails. There are two ways to send emails through Club Processing:

1. On the Shipment Setup tab, you can choose which order confirmation email to send to your Pickup Club Members and which email you want to send to your Shipping Club Members. These tags will not work with Option 2 below.

Below are the tags that work for the Club Processing Order Confirmation Email:

Order Info//OrderBlob//
Order Number//OrderNumber//

2. On the Club Members tab > Email in the top right-hand corner, you can send a specific email to certain groups of your club shipment depending on whether they have been skipped, declined, processed, or canceled. You can also use this tool to email your club members a few weeks before processing it, indicating their club details. These tags will not work with Option 1 above.

Below are the tags that work for General Member emails to be sent in the Club Processing tool:

Club Name//ClubName//
Club Blob//ClubBlob//
Club Shipping Address//ClubShippingAddress//
Credit Card Info//CreditCardInfo//
Club Membership Hold Start Date//HoldStartDate//
Club Member Hold End Date//HoldEndDate//
Expanded Hold Message//HoldEndDateExpanded//

When there is a hold-end date on club membership, and an email is sent with //HoldEndDateExpanded//, it displays the following text - "Your club membership will automatically be re-activated after //HoldEndDate// at which time you will receive the next available club shipment when it is scheduled.

When there is no hold end date on club membership, the tag does not populate.

This tag is reasonable to use if you have with and without end dates.

Club Signup Auto Populating Tags 

The following tags are used in Club Signup Emails:

Accepted Club Terms//AcceptedClubTerms//Display the member's accepted terms and conditions at the time of online club signup. 

Action Emails Auto Populating Tags 

The following tags are used in Action Emails:



Club Name//ClubName//
Anniversary Year//AnniversaryYear//
Club Cancellation Date//CancellationDate//
Order Items//OrderItems//
Order ID (not order number)//OrderID//

Required Auto Populating Tags 

The following tag is required in all email documents:

Privacy Policy Link//PrivacyPolicyLink//

The //PrivacyPolicyLink// will automatically link to your Privacy Policy page by loading up the page with the keyword of "PrivacyPolicy."

The following tag is required in non-transactional email documents:

Unsubscribe Link//UnsubscribeLink//

Auto Populating Tag FAQs

Do email tags work in subject lines?

   No, email tags WILL NOT work in the subject lines of emails.

Are the auto-populating tags case-sensitive?

Yes, the auto-populating tags are case-sensitive, so you will need to ensure that they have been entered exactly as displayed on this page for them to populate correctly.

Some of my tags aren't populating the information that I need. What is happening?

Be very careful to make sure that the tags you are using for an email are appropriate for that email. Club tags like //OrderBlob//, for example, will only populate when generated as a result of a club proccessing run.

What appears in the email when a customer lacks the information the auto-populate tag needs?

If a customer is missing information that an auto populate tag is supposed to pull in, it will appear blank on the email. For example, if an email was prefaced with:

Hi, //FirstName//

And the customer receiving the email has not yet included their first name in their profile, the email will read:


The auto populate tag will be blank.

What fields are in the //OrderBlob// tag?


Payment Details
Card Type, Masked Credit Cards Amount Charged 

Name, Address, Phone, Email 

Shipping Status
Name, Address, Phone, Email 

Item Description    Price    Quantity    Total

Subtotal, Shipping, Sales Tax, Liter Tax and Total 

Is there a way to send User Choice club members an email with the selections that they picked?

You are able to use the //ClubBlob// tag in an email to send club members the details for their club membership including the selections they have made for a specific user choice season. You need to send the email document from the Email section under Club Processing > Members.

The //ClubBlob// tag includes same information that a customer would see when receiving their membership signup confirmation email, including: Billing & Shipping addresses, payment details, and product selections (User Choice Clubs ONLY).

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