Business Locator
  • 29 Mar 2023
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Business Locator

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Article Summary

The Business Locator Feature (under Content Editor > Business Locator) allows you to showcase retail stores, restaurants, and other locations where your wines and products can be purchased. Consumers can look for businesses by Category, Location (State/Province & City), or Zip Code search. Businesses will then be displayed on a Google map. To learn how to work with the Business Locator, please see the following video and text information:

Adding Businesses

Businesses can be added to your locator list in two ways: manually or by using our business import tool.

Manually Add A Business

This option works best if you will be adding the occasional business. Follow the steps to learn how:

1. Navigate to Content Editor > Components > Business Locator.

2. Click Add A Business.

3. On the General tab, fill in the business information.

4. You can assign the business to a custom category on the Categories tab. For more information, please see the Business Category Documentation.

Business Importer 

The Business Importer is a faster way of importing business into the WineDirect platform. This option works best when setting up your business locator or adding a large list of businesses for the first time.

1. Navigate to Content Editor > Components > Business Locator.

2. Click on Import Business List > Download Sample File. The sample file will include the correct format and column headers to import the file properly. Fill out the sample file with all of the correct business information.

3. Once you have filled in the Sample file with your business information, you are ready to import. Select Import Business List and browse your computer for your file. If you check off Delete All Existing Businesses, the system will delete and replace the entire business list with the list you are importing. If you do not check Delete All Existing Businesses, the businesses you import will be added to the current list.

Editing Businesses

Depending on the number of businesses you plan on editing at one time, you can either edit a business manually or export your business list, edit, and re-import.


This option works best for spot-checking and editing your business list.

1. Navigate to Content Editor > Components > Business Locator

2. You can use the search parameters on the left of the page to search for specific businesses. You can edit individual business information by clicking the business name or pencil icon.

Excel Exporter (Download Business List) 

This option works best for mass changes to your business list or to back up a copy of the list to your computer.

1. Navigate to Content Editor > Components > Business Locator

1. On the left-hand panel, click Download Business List to export your entire business list or segments of the list.

2. You can use Name, City, Category, or State parameters to narrow the list of exported businesses. If no parameters are set, your entire business list will be exported. Once you have edited and saved your business list, you can navigate to Import Business List and browse to select the appropriate file to import.

Adding Business Locator to Website

Once you have added your business list to the admin panel, you can add your Business Locator to a page on your website. To do this, please follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to the Content Editor > General Pages and select the page to which you wish to add the locator.

2. Place your cursor where you wish the locator to appear and click the component button (see the below image).

3. From the dropdown menu in the popup window, select Business Locator. This will add component text to your page.

4, Next, click Save Page and View the page.


Business Locator FAQ

Why do I have a Country dropdown when all my locations are in the United States?

The Country dropdown menu will appear so long as your Business list has a location on it with a Country code different from the rest of the locations on your list. If all of the business locations on your list have the same country code, then the dropdown will remove itself.

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