FAQ: Content
  • 31 Mar 2023
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FAQ: Content

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The toolbar buttons in the content editor section are not popping up.

First check what internet browser you are using. Our platform supported IE 6-8 and Firefox for Mac and PC (and it also works in Safari and Chrome but isn’t supported so it might not work as well). Also, check your browser’s security settings and make sure you’re not blocking pop-ups from the admin panel site.

If the problem still persists after you’ve tried these options, contact Jason and he will need to set up a time for a screen share to your computer to trouble shoot the problem.

Why is my image/picture/PDF not showing on the web?

Make sure there are no spaces in your file name. Follow these steps:

  1. In your content editor put your courser wherever you would like the PDF added; this includes highlighting text and or a picture.
  2. Click the link button
  3. Click browse server
  4. If the file is currently not on your server you will need to click "add a file" in the upper left corner to browse your computer for the file.
  5. You can then double click the file; click ok; and save your page.

Why is my image/picture blurry?

There are a number of issues that your picture is blurry. The most common is because the image has been stretched out which then makes it pixilated. When you upload photos to your server be aware that you can only make the images smaller rather than larger.

Images also need to be RGB Color NOT CMYK Color. You will be able to find this in Adobe Photoshop.

Can I create an employee-only section for my site?

Yes. First you must create a contact type called employee. Then when you create a general page go into the page properties section. On the Security tab you will be able to limit access to a page based on the contact type a person is associated with. Select employee then apply changes and save page.

Please Note:  A person must be added to the employee contact type under the type tab in their contact info to be able to access a restricted page. 

Why is there such a large gap between my text?

You will need to edit the pages using the Source Button. This will allow you to edit the page using Html. The two types of breaks you will look for are:

Paragraph Breaks: The larger of the two spacing options. These will appear as <p> for open and </p> for a close in the source code. (Example: the break between the first and second paragraphs in this answer).

Line Breaks: These are smaller breaks (Example: The gap between the sentences lines). These will appear as </br> in the source code.

Adding or removing these will help you space your content appropriately

How do I add a button to my site and have it look like the other buttons?

You need to add a 'Span' button with HTML, see details here: /Content-Editor/General-Pages/Span-Button

To link a subpage you’ve created to another page within your content editor:
1. Go to the page you want to link to (Content Editor>select the page)
2. Click Page Properties (Located next to the blue down arrow at the top of that page)
3. Go to the Marketing tab. Here you will find the Marketing URL you will use to link to this page. Copy the URL.
4. Click Apply changes>Save Page. Note: If you do not do this, the marketing URL will not take effect and the link will be broken.
5. Go to the page you would like to link from. Select the text/photo that you would like to add the link to > click the link tool>and paste the marketing URL you copied for the page you are linking to. Note: There needs to be a / before the URL (i.e. /About-us) for the link to work.

How can I add a map (Google Maps/MapQuest) to direct customers to the Winery?

You will want to look up your location on Google Maps or MapQuest to generate a map. Then copy the Embed code for the map (Located under “Send To” > Website on MapQuest. Located under the “Link” tab on Google Maps) and paste it into the General Page by using the Source tab. To change the Width & Height of the map you will need to edit those attributes in the embed code itself.

When setting up a link you will need to make sure you have a / before the URL that you wish to link to. Example: /Content-Editor/General-Pages

Unfortunately this is a browser issue with Internet Explorer. The issue occurs when an email link has a Message Subject attached to it. To resolve the issue it I best to remove the Message Subject and leave this field blank. Please note: this issue does not occur in other web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.

Where is the OK button to add my image to my content?

The OK and cancel buttons are still there. This is happening due to your screen resolution being set too low. What you can do is "tab through" the selection fields to get to the 'hidden' buttons.

For example select the "Vspace" field so your blinking line is there ready to type. Then press tab on your keyboard twice to access your 'hidden' OK button. Then press enter on your keyboard.

We recommend adjusting the resolution on your screen, then reload your page.

How do I delete a blog post?

To delete a blog post, please head to Content Editor > Blog >select the blog you wish to delete >scroll to the bottom of the selected blog > click Delete.

How do I privately respond to a blog comment?

To respond to blog comments, the fastest way is to do this externally of Vin65. In the comments area of your Blog post (Content Editor > Blog > Select your Blog Entry > Scroll to Comments area) you can find their comments and their email address that they provided you on the comment form. You can email them directly from your own email inbox.

Is there a spell-check tool for editable content?

Unfortunately there is not a tool built into Vin65 that will provide spell checking, however most web browers have a spell checker built in that you can enable. Once this is in place, you can go into the editable content (in the Content Editor or an Email Document), click the Source button, then your web browser should show you any spelling errors in the Source HTML code. Note that this will indicate errors with the spelling of your code simply because code is not proper grammer, but it will assist with misspelled words.

The easiest way to do this is to provide a specific marketing URL for the allocation to your customers. You can get this marketing URL in your admin panel by navigating to Content Editor > Site Pages > + Members > Allocations > Page Properties > Marketing Tab > then copy the full URL. Paste the URL into an allocation site page, or an allocated email document as a link, for your customers to easily access the allocation.

How do I disable comments on my blog?

There are two methods to disable commenting. To prevent comments from being made you must uncheck the box "Allow Comments" for each individual blog post. You may choose to do this when you make the blog post or at a later time by editing the blog post. Another method to prevent comments from showing is by enabling comment moderation. This will require all blog comments to be approved by the blog author before they will appear on your blog. However, this will not prevent users from submitting comments for approval.

To enable this setting navigate to Settings > Website Settings > Content > General > Check the box named "Moderate Comments". Please note that you may need developer access to do this. Approval requests will be sent to the blog author's email address.

If you manually import or add a contact into Vin65, does that contact's email need to be cleaned to send through SendGrid?

Adding a contact manual, or importing them through excel, doesn't mark them as single or double opt-in. If you would like to send the list through Sendgrid (which has faster/better delivery, conversion tracking, and bounce abck reporting) you'd need to first clean the list. They will have a 'blank' status when you add it, then it will be changed to a 'clean' status when you clean it. For more info on email status, see this help page: /Contacts/Email-Documents/Email-Statuses

How can I add an Age Gateway to my site or edit an Age Gateway on my site?

While Vin65 does provide some designer launch tags to assist designers in building and formatting an age gateway for their project site, there are currently no tools available within Content Editor that would allow a user to make changes to an age gateway.

All Age Gateways will have to be created or edited by a designer. See our certified designers list if you need a designer to make the changes for you!

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