Designing your Store Front in WineDirect - Getting Started
  • 18 Jun 2024
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Designing your Store Front in WineDirect - Getting Started

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Article summary

Design your Store Front

We know you're excited and ready to start designing your online store to start increasing your revenue. Designing a website can be challenging sometimes, that is why we offer 2 options. You can use one of our website layouts or select Designer Launch, which would be like building your new website from scratch. 

If you decide to use the layout you've chosen from WineDirect's options, you can build your redesigned Website through our Content Editor tools

What support does WineDirect offer to customers who wish to use custom designs for their websites?

WineDirect's support team is here to help you with questions on how to use the platform. Any custom design requests for websites are outside of the scope of support as the support team is not made up of certified designers. For any custom design work to be done, please consult one of WineDirect's Certified Designers. 

What is Designer Launch?

Designer Launch is a set of tools that enables you to build your site on the WineDirect platform. If you should decide to use Designer Launch, we recommend you obtain the assistance of a Certified Designer to build this for you. Certified Design Partners charge management, design, porting, and consultation fees. We encourage you to speak with them about your specific needs before selecting. 

Designers and developers will need a strong knowledge of creating websites in HTML and CSS before launching a custom site. WineDirect's offers detailed documentation to help designers use and integrate our tools. The benefits of Designer Launch include control over the final design, timelines, and client relationships.

Do I need to use one of the Certified Design Partners listed?

If you have your own internal design team that can do the Design work, the Certified Design Partner is still neededto help you port your redesign from your development environment to your existing Admin Panel. Since they have ported many redesigns in WineDirect having one of them available to help port the design into the live environment is extremely valuable to prevent mistakes and issues in the process.

Designer Instructions

If you are a Designer or if you know your way around HTML/CSS, the information below will guide you on some of the tools available on Designer Launch. 

WineDirect Tags

WineDirect tags allow you to make your site dynamic in various ways, enabling the user to have control of the content on their site. They are placed inside your HTML files, and once your files are parsed in the admin panel, they display the related content. Below are some examples.

This tag displays the content from the Content Editor on that specific page.

This tag displays the main navigation. Users can edit the main navigation in the Content Editor > 'Page' > Page Properties > Main Menu.

WineDirect Layouts

The Designer Launch tools are built around layouts. There are standard layouts, but custom layouts can also be created for pages that don't follow the normal template.

What You Will Need

  1. To have a site setup on WineDirect. This can either be a live site or a brand-new site.
  2. If that isn't you, you should then be given a developer account on the site by the site owner. A developer account gives you access to some unique tools in our admin panel that you need to update layouts.
  3. You must set up an FTP account from the admin panel to transfer template files up and down.

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