How to Remove 46Brix
  • 31 Mar 2023
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How to Remove 46Brix

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1. Pull a Report of Current 46Brix Active Members

Run a report of 46Brix signups on your website: Reports → Contacts → 46Brix Sign Ups if there are Active users, export to .csv (you'll use this list below in Step 7).

2. Remove all 46Brix Pages From Your Website

There are five 46Brix pages on your website that you'll need to remove:

  • General Pages > 46Brix (Use Page Properties to make this page Inactive and Hidden, you cannot delete it)
  • General Pages > 46Brix FAQs
  • General Pages > Members > 46Brix (Note: Both child pages must be deleted before the parent page can be.)

Check your other pages for mentions of 46Brix and remove them as needed.

3. Adjust the 46Brix Marketing URLs

Go to Content Editor > Marketing URLs and search for 46Brix. For all results, remove the Link URL and replace it with a single "/," and toggle the redirect to Yes. This will ensure anyone who still has a link to the old 46Brix pages will land on your homepage instead of getting a 404 error.

4. Remove 46Brix Product From Your Online Store

Under Store > Products, search for 46Brix and "Is Active?" and "Display on Website?" to OFF.

5. Remove 46Brix Carrots

Under Store > Promos > Carrots, delete any active 46Brix messages.

6. Remove 46Brix Emails

Under Contacts > Email Documents, filter by Email Category 46Brix and delete all messages. Then filter for Action Emails, search for "46Brix," and delete all relevant messages. Check your System Emails and remove the 46Brix footer if needed. If you have added mentions of 46Brix to other emails, be sure to remove them.

7. Create a Special Promotion for Active 46Brix Members

You'll need to complete these additional steps if you have active 46Brix Members from Step 1. If you don't, you're done!

  • Create a new Contact Type, "46Brix Current Members," and assign it to Active 46Brix members via Customer Import
  • Create a new Promo
    • Store → Promos → New Promo
    • General Information:
      • Type: Discount Off
      • Name: 46Brix Discount
      • Available to: Specific Contact Types
      • Product Selection: Entire Store
      • Expires: Date of last 46Brix membership expiry
      • Limit Use: Unlimited
      • Contact Types: 46Brix Current Members
    • Discount:
      • Shipping Promo Type: Flat Rate $0
      • Quantity From: 2
    • Shipping Types:
      • 750ml, Ground

This Promo will enable your Active 46Brix members to continue to enjoy their member benefits until their membership expires. Each month, use the .csv file you downloaded in Step 1 to identify which of your customers' 46Brix memberships has expired. Navigate to Contacts, select the record to update, then click Manage Contact Types and uncheck 46Brix Customers.

If you do not do this, your customers will continue to receive free shipping after their membership expires.

When the last of your customers' 46Brix membership has expired, you can delete the 46Brix Customers Contact Type.

8. Email Your Active 46Brix Members

Email your Active 46Brix members to let them know you are leaving the program and how they can continue to take advantage of their membership benefits until expiry via the Promo, you set up in Step 7.

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