Inserting Components
  • 29 Mar 2023
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Inserting Components

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The component button can add content features on the WineDirect platform (such as Business Locator, Photo Galleries, and Forms) to your web pages.

1. Place your cursor on the page where you want the component to be.

2. Click on the Component wheel button.

3. Choose the component you want to insert from the drop-down menu and click OK.

*Components don't work inside Content Blocks. They do work inside of Pods.

The following is a list of component short names that appear in the component dialog box:

BlogCategoryAny blog categories you've set up as a component using the Blog Feature. This allows you to display a list of blog posts that fit a given category.
BusinessLocatorA map of the business is generated when using the Business Locator Feature. This component on a content page lets customers view businesses featuring your wines.
ClubListA list of your Clubs. This component allows your customers to sign up for any or all of your clubs to become a member.
EmailCategoryAny email categories you've designated as a component using the Email Documents Feature. This allows customers to view past email newsletters.
EventCalendarAny custom event calendars you create using the Events Feature.
FormAny custom forms you create using the Form Builder Feature.
PhotoGalleryAny photo galleries that you create using the Photo Gallery Feature.
PollAny custom polls created using the Poll Feature.
ProductListYour products will display in this component in a list format.
ProductSetIf you have a Product Set, it will appear in this component.
RecipesAny recipes that you've built or written using the Recipe Feature.
SiteMapThe Site Map is a tree-style list of all your web pages. This is placed on the 404 error page to allow customers to navigate to a page on your site if they stumble across a broken link. 

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