Inserting Tables
  • 29 Mar 2023
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Inserting Tables

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Tables are helpful when trying to format data or images on a page. They can also be used to add labels to images. Read the following text to learn more about inserting and editing tables:

Insert A Table: Learn how to insert a table on your site page.

Editing Tables: Learn how to edit a table on your site page.

Insert A Table

1. Clicking on the Inserting Table icon renders the Table Properties dialog box.

2. Set the number of rows and columns you will need.

3. The border size is blank by default. The Border Size will determine the thickness of the border.

4. Select an Alignment if you wish your table to be near the left or right of the page.

5. The Caption displays at the top of your table. You may enter something here or leave it blank if you like.

6. Determine the width and height of your table and click OK.

Editing Tables

Once you have placed a table on a page, you can edit the table, adding or removing rows as needed. To edit the table, click your cursor in the cell (within the Row) where you want to add a row before or after. Then right-click your mouse, which will cause a new window/pop-up to appear. Hover over each Row, then from the sub-navigation; you’ll have the option to:

  • Insert Row Before
  • Insert Row After
  • Delete Rows

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