• 25 Jul 2023
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Article Summary

While the current WineDirect platform offers email marketing, some wineries have asked for more advanced automation and segmentation abilities. We are happy to announce that Klaviyo – the leading email automation platform – can now be integrated with WineDirect stores. Leverage Klaviyo’s advanced email and SMS marketing automation and best-in-class segmentation tools to generate more sales on autopilot.

To learn more or to get started, contact WineDirect HERE

Key Features

Flexible Templates

Choose from 70+ pre-built templates and send beautiful campaigns via email and text. 


Pre-built automation and simple segmentation tools allow for ultra-personalization and high customer satisfaction.

Scheduled Campaigns

Automated flows keep you top of mind at the right times, ensuring your customer data is always on hand and updated in real-time.


Is there a customer order limit?

There is no limit from a cost perspective, but if you have past orders/customers in the millions, the historical order import could take several weeks to complete. While Klaviyo charges based on total contacts, this integration does not and supports unlimited orders and customers

Do we need a developer?

There are options for full-service integration to test your data, coordinate the final migration and assist with automation and segmentation setup. For merchants with existing development teams, a more basic service option will be available with simple email technical support.

How does this compare to MailChimp?

Klaviyo has already onboarded over 20,000 customers previously on Mailchimp because of advanced automation capabilities and support for SMS. To learn more about the comparison between Klaviyo and Mailchimp, click here.


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