List Builder Export
  • 29 Mar 2023
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List Builder Export

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Once you have finished building your list builder, the last section of the list builder page is the summary. In the summary tab, you can export your list in. CSV format for reference.


Customer No.The customer's profile number.
FirstNameFirst name of the customer.
LastNameLast name of the customer.
CompanyThe customer's company.
AddressThe customer's address.
Address2The customer's address continued.
CityThe city the customer resides in.
StateThe state the customer resides in.
ZipCodeThe customer's zip code.
CountryThe country the customer resides in.
EmailThe customer's email.
PhoneThe customer's contact number.
LifetimeValueThe total lifetime value of the customer.
LastOrderDateThe customer's last purchase date.
LastOrderAmountThe customer's last purchase amount.
NumberOTransactionsThe number of total orders the customer made.
AddedThe date the customer was added.
ModifiedThe date the customer was modified.

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