Non-EMV Credit Card Swipers Setup
  • 29 Mar 2023
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Non-EMV Credit Card Swipers Setup

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Article Summary

WineDirect POS can accept swiped credit card transactions from iOS/iPadOS 10-15 and on a desktop [Chrome Browser]. The iOS version only supports one swiper, while the Desktop version can support most USB or integrated card swipers using keyboard emulation. The information below will assist you with either swiper type.

iOS POS Swipers

iOS Setup

WineDirect support iOS/iPadOS is optimized for iOS/iPadOS 15. However, we support iOS/iPadOS 10 -15.

Desktop POS Swipers

The Desktop POS version allows greater freedom in hardware for credit card swipe units. Most USB card swipe units should be compatible with a keyboard emulation setting. For more compatibility information, please see Card Swiper Compatibility.

Testing & Troubleshooting Connection

A swipe unit that uses keyboard emulation should work right out of the box once connected. However, you may need to adjust the setting on your swipe unit. Please use the steps below and the manufacturer's documentation when changing settings.

1. Connect the USB card swiper to your computer [PC].

2. Open Notepad or another text editor program.

3. Swipe a credit card.

4. In Notepad, the swipe data should display.

The output into Notepad should look something like this:

  • %B5454545454545454^SMITH/JOHN ^01122018000072000000?

If the output does not resemble the example above, try adjusting the track settings for your swipe unit if they have configurable settings until they match the model. The cardholder's name should be present in the output, along with payment information. 

5. Place a test transaction in WineDirect POS using a credit card to test further. Remember to cancel or refund your test transaction after you are done.

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