Photo Gallery
  • 29 Mar 2023
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Photo Gallery

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Our Photo Galleries tool offers an easy and intuitive way to create an online slideshow for your photos. Photos will be saved to our server and can be added to a single gallery at a time.

Before you can add images, you must create a photo gallery to assign them to. The following steps will assist you in creating a gallery.

1. Navigate to Content Editor > Components > Photo Galleries.

2. Click the green [+] Add a Photo Gallery button on the right of the Photo Galleries section.

3. Enter the name of your gallery (title), order, and add an optional description of what the gallery contains.

Table of Definitions:

TitleThe name of your photo gallery. This name is for internal purposes and will help you identify your gallery in the admin panel.
DescriptionA description for admin users to reference the type of images to be uploaded to this gallery.
OrderThe order in which the gallery appears in the photo gallery section.

4. Click Save to create and save your gallery.

Add Photos To A Gallery

Once you have created a gallery, you will need to add images to your gallery. Photos are added to the gallery by going to the Photo Gallery Section. The following steps will assist you in adding images to a photo gallery.

1. Navigate to Content Editor > Components > Photo Gallery > Add a Photo > Save.

Table of Definitions:

TitleThe name of the photo is shown in the admin panel. This name will not appear on the website.

The link is an optional field. This allows you to link the photo to a page on your website or an eternal website.

  • Internal Links: You can use the URL for the page on the website you wish to link to.
    • i.e.,/About-Us
  • External Links (Linking to a different website): You are required to include the URL for the site, including https://
    • i.e.,
GalleryAllows you to assign the photo to the correct gallery. A photo can only be assigned to a single gallery. If you wish to use the photo in more than one gallery, you must upload a separate image file, with a different name, to each gallery.

The order of your photo will appear in your gallery.

  • Please Note: All new photos are assigned an order of 1 and will become the first image in your gallery unless you assign a to them.
    • i.e., 1, 2, 3, etc.

Use the 'Choose File' button to select the photo you wish to upload from your computer. Photos should be as close to the recommended size as possible.

  • .jpg & .png files are accepted.
  • Image file names should not contain any spaces or special characters.
    • i.e., Vineyard-Spring.jpg is acceptable; Vineyard Spring.jpg is not

Adds a small caption text to the bottom of the image when it shows in the gallery on the website.

4. Click Save to save your photo. 

Place A Gallery On Your Website

Like other WineDirect components, Photo Galleries can be added to a page using the components button. The following steps will assist you in adding a photo gallery to a page on your website. 

1. Navigate to Content Editor > General Pages and select the page to which you wish to add the gallery from the page tree on the left of the General Pages section. 

2. Place your cursor on the page where you want the photo gallery to appear and click the component button from the content editor toolbar (the icon looks like a gear). 

3. From the component drop-down, look for Photo Gallery: and then the name of your gallery. Click OK.

4. Click Save Page at the bottom to save your changes. 

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