• 29 Mar 2023
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Pods are custom sections of content that are used to highlight products, mailing lists, clubs, or current features. Not all websites use pods; this depends on your website's design.

Keep reading to learn how to add/edit your existing pods.

How to Add a Pod

If your current design has pods, the following steps will assist you in customizing your content.

1. In the Admin Panel, you first want to go to Content Editor > Pods.

2. If your website or template currently uses pods, they will be displayed here. These can be edited, and additional pods can also be created.

3. Click the green [+] Add A Pod button to add a pod.

4. Fill out the Pod's form by giving it a Title, give your Pod and Order number, and check the Active box to enable your pods will display on your website. Make sure to choose the Pod Location. There will be a dropdown list of all your current website pods. Choose what type of content you want to create/add. 


Table of Definitions 
Title*This will display in the Admin Panel and is used for your organizational purposes. It will not be visible on the website.
Location*The Pod location name for your Pod to appear in. You can create multiple pod locations.
OrderYou will want to check this box to control what will be displayed on the website. If you have multiple pods created in a single pod location, this will control which one displays regardless of the "Order" number.
Is ActiveNext, you have control over whether it's Active or not. Keeping it unchecked will prevent it from displaying on your website.

* indicates required fields

5. Different pods will have different Details sections.  Once complete, you will want to click Apply Changes, and you will see your active pods displaying. 

The following are all possible options for pods depending on how they are setup:

  • Image upload
  • HTML Content Editor
  • Link
  • Page Tree select, which allows that Pod to only display on certain Content Editor pages

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