Point of Sales Systems
  • 04 May 2023
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Point of Sales Systems

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Article Summary

Any point of sale system (POS) can connect to WineDirect if they connect/program to our web services/APIs. Each POS can connect to different aspects of WineDirect, so we recommend contacting your POS's current provider or calling several providers to find out which would work best for you. Below is a list of the POS systems that currently connect with WineDirect.

WineDirect POS: Focused on your customer. The WineDirect POS is a versatile, extremely easy-to-use POS that can help you sell wine in your tasting room or go to a farmers market, to concerts, or anywhere. 

Napa Valley POS: Connect your customers between NVPOS' POS and WineDirect and run the clubs in WineDirect. Learn More

Oztera: Connect orders, customers, and clubs between Ozters' POS and WineDirect. Learn More

iMPOS: Connect orders between iMPOS and WineDirect (Australia Only). Learn More

Others: Any POS systems can use our web services/APIs to pull and push rankings, contacts, clubs, and more. 

The data that may get synced includes but is not limited to (please get in touch with your POS system for a complete list of items synced):

  • Customer record
    • Billing address
    • Shipping address
    • Contact types
  • Orders
    • Ecommerce orders
    • POS orders
  • Wine club memberships.
  • Credit cards (encrypted)

Consider these two examples:

  1. A customer generates a "pickup order" on the website, and the customer comes to the tasting room to pick it up. The POS system can mark that order as being picked up, and that record is back on the web.
  2. A customer places an order for shipment in the tasting room. When the tracking number is generated, it will show up on the website (in the customer's order history) and can be emailed to the customer.

Other Webservices used by POS systems:

  • Orders: Tasting room orders are pushed from the POS software into the web. Customers can view both the tasting room and ecommerce order history online. Furthermore, the WineDirect list builder will query against the tasting room orders. Website orders are pulled into the POS system and available through POS reporting tools.

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