POS Compatibility
  • 16 Jan 2024
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POS Compatibility

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Our iOS/ iPadOS Update Policy

Apple releases periodic updates to iOS/iPadOS throughout the year. WineDirect does not receive advanced notice of these updates, but our team begins testing immediately upon release to ensure our POS continues to run smoothly. The timing of this testing varies depending on the update, but we expect it to take up to two weeks. To avoid disruptions, DO NOT update your iPad device(s) until we confirm testing has been completed.  

How will you know when we have everything tested on our end?

Check out our News Releases section for updates about iOS/iPadOS testing, bug fixes, new features, etc.

Need Hardware?

For additional hardware options compatible with the POS, please get in touch with WineDirect Payments at (818) 346-9888 or via email: support@winedirectpayments.com

Important Note: If you use an iPad Enclosure for your POS system, you must ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED to accessories to ensure the iPad does not stop charging after being idle for 1.5 hours. Go to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode > Turn on "Accessories"

Important Note:In rare instances, customers have had issues fitting iPad enclosures into multi-unit dock chargers. If you experience this, please contact WineDirect Payments at (818)346-9888 or support@winedirectpayments.com

Minimum supported models:

WineDirect's ecommerce POS application is optimized for iPad products with iPadOS 13 and above. The minimum supported iPad models for the POS Application are:

  • iPad 5th generation (iPadOS 16.x max) and newer
  • iPad Air 2(iPadOS 15.x max) and newer
  • iPad mini 4th generation(iPadOS 15.x max) and newer
  • All iPad Pro models

The minimum supported, and newer devices listed above must have iPadOS 13 and up to 17.x installed to be supported. Some hardware has a maximum iPadOS version limit. Check here to see your hardware specs.

For Desktop Computers and Laptops, the Google Chrome Browser is supported on Macs and PC. Compatible devices include Credit Card Swipers, Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, and Barcode Scanners.

 Credit Card Readers

The POS application currently supports the following credit card swipers with a lightning port:

Compatible Mobile Swipers (Recommended):

  • Magtek iDynamo
  • Magtek cDynamo (compatible up to iOS/iPadOS 14)
To order these encrypted units, and for all your tasting room hardware needs, please call WineDirect Payments at 818-346-9888, or email: support@winedirectpayments.com


Compatible Desktop Swipers:

USB card swipe units with Keyboard Emulation, such as:

  • MagTek 21040145 SureSwipe Dual Head Triple Track Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
  • Usually, any standard swiper that uses a keyboard as the input will work. If your swiper isn't working, open a text editor, then swipe. If nothing shows, this swiper is not compatible. If something shows, it may be compatible). The notepad info should look something like the text below:
  • %B5454545454545454^SMITH/JOHN^01122018000072000000?

Receipt Printers

The POS application (only iOS) will not operate on the 5G Network. Currently supports the following receipt printer solutions (for Desktop POS, you can use most standard Printers):

Compatible Printers:

For Desktop, any printer will work; the printer needs to be hooked up to the computer using Windows or Mac Standard printing setup.

mPOP Combined Printer and Cash Drawer:

Cash Drawers

The POS application currently supports the following cash drawer solutions:


Compatible Cash Drawers:

The way cash drawers work is that whenever you print something, it will open the cash drawer. This means anytime a receipt prints; it will open a cash drawer. So credit card transactions, gift cards, etc., will open the cash drawer on receipt print.

We only support cash drawers that hook into the printers, not USB cash drawers, except the mPOP above. 

Cash Drawer Setup similar to: STAR TSP 100/TSP143 

Barcode Scanners

The POS application currently supports the following barcode scanner solutions, which you will need to source yourself:


Compatible Mobile Scanners:

Compatible Desktop Scanners:

USB Barcode Scanners with Keyboard Emulation, such as:

Any USB barcode scanner that uses the keyboard as the input will work.

Instead of having the scan automatically happen, they must click the barcode icon.

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