POS Restaurant Features
  • 29 Mar 2023
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POS Restaurant Features

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The POS Restaurant Features option allows you to start a table, hold a table, resume a table, and send items to a selected printer, such as a bar or a kitchen printer.

Start a Table

Follow the steps to learn how to start a new table:

1. From the POS menu, select Start a Table.

2. In the Manage Tables window, give your table a Table Name, and use either the [+] and [-] buttons, or type in the number, to input the Club Member Count and the General Visitor Count.

**Do not input special characters into Table Name; otherwise receipt will generate an error and be unable to print.

3. Click Start Table.

Add Items to a Table

Adding items to a table is the same process as adding items to a cart for checkout customers. After a table has been started, you can follow the steps to learn how to add items to a table:

1. Through the product menu selection, choose an item and the appropriate quantities you wish to add to your table. 

2. The items will appear in the right-hand Cart menu once selected.

Hold a Table

Follow the steps to learn how to hold a table that you have started:

1. From the right-hand Cart menu, select the Hold button.

2. The items and quantities within the table will be placed on hold until you are ready to resume the table.

Resume a Table

Resuming a table is the same process as continuing an order. Follow the steps to learn how to continue or remove a table that has been placed on hold:

1. From the POS Menu, select Resume an Order.

2. In the Resume Order window, there will be a listing of Open Tables and their Sales Associates. 

3. Find the Table Name you wish to reopen, and click Resume.

4. The table will now appear in the right-hand Cart menu for you to continue with.

5. Alternatively, you can remove the table by clicking Remove next to the desired Table Name in the Resume Order window.

Send Items to a Printer

When sending items to a printer, you can send selected items to specified printers. For example, you may want to send food items to a kitchen or prep area printer and wine items to a tasting room printer. Follow the steps to learn how to send items from a table to a printer:

1. Review the order to ensure the correct items and quantities are in place.

2. Click Send in the right-hand Cart menu

3. In the Send To window, select the Prep Area, Printer, Products, and any Notes about the order you wish to send. 

4. Click Send to print the selected items.

5. If you wish to send any remaining items to a different printer, follow the steps above. Any items not yet sent to a printer will remain in the Send To window.

Items may only be sent to a printer if they are still in the cart, have not been charged, and have not already been sent to a printer. If you set the table's order, the table will be closed out. Additional orders will need to be placed under a new table.

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