POS Tips
  • 23 May 2023
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POS Tips

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Tips/Gratuities are a great feature in your post if you wish to allow your sales associates to be further compensated for their exceptional customer service.

Activating Tips on POS Profile In Admin Panel

1. Click on Settings > POS Profiles. 

2. Select the appropriate POS profile to activate the tips feature.

3. Click on the Collect Tips check box to activate tips and click Save.

4. Reload your POS system by clicking on the three horizontal lines in your pos' top right-hand corner and click Reload POS. If you still do not see this feature, please log out of your post and back in.

Please Note:

The tip is activated for credit card purchases only and not for cash. The tip screen will appear after credit card information is entered. The POS tip screen will only show on the mobile POS, not the desktop POS.

When selecting tips, please ensure the correct sales associate is logged into the POS profile when completing the transactions. If an error occurs when the wrong sales associate is entered, please correct the sales associate via the admin panel under Edit Order Information.

Configuring Tips

Tip Amounts

Tips default to 15%, 20%, and 25% increments but can be customized, and there is a section for Custom $ Amount tips. Your customer also has the option of providing No Tip. 

Separate vs. Combined Tip & Signature

When you select Collect Tips and Require Credit Card Signature, the tip prompt is default separated on a different screen from the signature prompt. This is an exemplary configuration if you would like to skip the tip window from time to time before your customers sign up for their purchase.

If you would like to combine the tip and signature prompts onto a single screen,

1. Turn on both Collect Tips and Require Credit Card Signature

2. Select Combine Tip & Signature Screen.  

3. Select which Tip Position you would like highlighted by default for the customer.

IMPORTANT TIP: How Are Tip Amounts Calculated? The preset tip % assigned to the profile will calculate against the order total (including tax, shipping, etc.) rather than the subtotal.

These options will combine tipping and signature functionality onto a single screen for a quicker checkout with an experience similar to a restaurant.

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