Using Checkout Design to Enable the Latest Checkout Tools
  • 14 Jun 2023
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Using Checkout Design to Enable the Latest Checkout Tools

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Article summary

The Checkout Design tool allows you to enable the latest checkout tools and even allows you to adjust the look and feel of your ecommerce cart and checkout pages to fit your branding better. 

How To Customize Your Checkout

Navigate to Settings > Website Editor > Website Properties > Checkout Design. You will see a variety of fields where you can edit the logo and styles of your Checkout, ranging from the background color to the button colors. 

Making Changes in the Checkout Design

1. Select the fonts that best match your branding. We allow you to choose from hundreds of Google Fonts.

2. Choose any colors for the buttons, background, and fonts.
You can click the square color preview to reveal a color picker for any color selections. If you know the exact hex code you want, you can also type that directly into the input. (A hex code combines six digits used to represent colors.)

3. While you make changes, a Preview Styles area lets you quickly see the updates you are driving without visiting your website.

Learn More About What You are Editing

Page Background ColorColor is used for the background area surrounding your checkout content.

Content Background Color

Color used for the background of your page content.

Tips for when adjusting this setting:

  • You may also want to review Body Text Color, Heading Color, and Alternative Text Color to ensure they are easily readable.
  • Adjust the Border Color to ensure it compliments the new background color you've chosen. The border should frame that content without taking any of the user's attention.
Header Background ColorBackground color used in the header section of the Checkout page
Main Menu ColorColor used for the main header on the cart and receipt pages (checkout/club signup pages do not include a menu).
Footer Background ColorBackground color used in the footer section of the Checkout page
Footer Menu ColorColor used for the footer on the cart and receipt pages (checkout/club signup pages do not include a menu).
Heading ColorColor is used for all headings throughout the checkout process.
Heading FontFont used on titles. Current options include Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, Verdana, Georgia, Palatino Linotype, and Times New Roman.
Body Text ColorColor is used for most of your page content, excluding the headings. (The heading color is set separately.)
Body Text FontFont used for your page content, excluding the headings. (The heading font is set separately.)
Alternative Text ColorColor used for sub-text throughout the Checkout. It is primarily used for critical information important information, but we don't want it to be the page's primary focus. (This includes the order shipping and taxes, etc.) 
Link ColorColor is used on any links within the page content. 
Border ColorColor is used to frame each of the checkout steps and the order summary.
Primary Button Color

The primary button color is used for all main actions across the checkout experience.

Tips for when adjusting this setting:

  • Buttons done right make a big difference. Since they guide the user through purchasing, you want to ensure that your button color stands out. Make sure that it pops up and isn't hidden from the rest of your page.
Primary Button Text ColorText color is found on the primary button throughout Checkout.
Secondary Button Color

The secondary button is used for all 'optional' or less essential actions at the Checkout. For example, it is used when adding a coupon or gift code to an order.

Tips for when adjusting this setting:

  • These are actions that we want the user to be able to take, but since we don't want to take their attention away from completing the order, make sure that this color doesn't outshine the Primary Button Background that you've selected. 
Secondary Button Text ColorText color for the secondary button throughout Checkout.
Secure Payment Background Color

The background section displays the payment method fields.

This messaging reassures customers purchasing your site that their card information is securely handled. Ideally, this should be some contrasting color to the Content Background Color so that it visually stands out to customers.

How To Preview Your Checkout

If you are happy with your selections but want to look better at your changes, you can preview what your updates will look like on your site by clicking the Preview button.

What to Do in Preview Mode

On your site in preview mode, you can go through your entire checkout process in a test environment. Any orders made in preview mode will not be saved.

You can:

  • Test out your selected styles
  • Play around with the new checkout features
  • Add products to your cart to complete a test order
  • Add a test club membership

End Preview Mode

If you are done previewing and want to view your current Checkout, click End Preview on the top notification banner. You can constantly re-enter preview mode again through the admin panel.

How to Publish Your New Checkout

Once you are happy with your changes, click the Publish button to set your new Checkout live. Now all customers will be able to use your brand-new Checkout!

Why Enable the Modern Checkout?

The current checkout flow follows ecommerce best practices in reducing abandoned carts and increasing conversions. A couple of the key improvements include:

  • A brand new one-page checkout that makes it easy for a customer to complete the purchasing process for both wine clubs and products. 
  • Facebook Login makes it easier for new or existing customers to Checkout.
  • A beautifully responsive design that is optimized for screens of all sizes. Customers can purchase from any device!
  • The ability to adjust the colors and fonts without hiring a designer.
  • Supports PayPal Express Checkout as a payment method

WineDirect is constantly improving and refining the checkout process to increase security and conversions and help you sell more wine. This is all done based on this recent checkout experience and might not be available for the older Checkout. Enabling the modern Checkout, we can give you these updates as they become available. No additional work will be required on your end. 

3DS 2.0

If you are on Checkout V2 and a customer of WineDirect Payments, you can enable 3DS 2.0, an additional layer of security at the payment gateway level. We strongly recommend you enable this feature due to all the benefits it confers. For more information on how to set this up, please click here.


The font doesn't match my website. Can I add more?

You can choose from over 900 Google Fonts, so selecting a font to match your branding is straightforward.

Can I get a designer to make changes to the Checkout?

A designer can have the ability to edit the Header of the Checkout by enabling the Advanced HTML Header. Once this is enabled, two new fields will appear, titled HTML and CSS. Designers can paste their CSS/HTML for the header of the Checkout. If you don't have this enabled, please reach out to

When a designer adds HTML to the HTML field, it should render preview and live mode and replace the <header>HTML in the layouts.

When a designer adds CSS to the CSS field, it should render a <style> tag above the <header> tag in the layouts

However, designers will no longer be able to go and edit the CSS/HTML for the rest of the checkout page. This is a tradeoff that was made to ensure:

  1. You can benefit from research completed on the checkout process, which will, in turn, increase your conversions
  2. As new features and technologies are added, you can turn these on immediately without worrying about breaking your website or paying a designer to fix display issues constantly.

If you are implementing Remote widgets.

How do I disable my new Checkout?

Although we don't recommend disabling the modern Checkout, if you need to, you can click Disable in Checkout Design to revert to your old Checkout. 

Is there a way to return to default values (for colors and fonts) after changing the Checkout Design?

No, there isn't a way to revert to the Default Settings

What happens if an existing Contact tries to sign in with their Facebook login?

The user is taken to an "Account Review" form, which populates with an email from Facebook. The user can change that email, which will be used to validate whether the email is in use. So if a user has a Facebook account with the same email, using a Facebook login will prompt the user to confirm their email and will error since the email entered is the same on their existing account.

Is there any way for us to add additional scripts to this page?

You can only put additional scripts on the Checkout Receipt and Club Receipt pages via the receipt JS settings under Settings > Website Settings > Custom Javascript.

Does this page fully support Google Enhanced Ecommerce tracking and Google Tag Manager?

Yes, it fully supports both of these tools.

Do Gift Memberships work on New Checkout?

No, Gift Membership is currently not supported on New Checkout. If you use the Gift Membership functionality, you will want to stay on the old Checkout.

Customers log in with Facebook.


Before customers can log into your website with their Facebook account, you must create a login app to connect to your Vin65 website. 

Create a Facebook Development App

1. Navigate to and Log In to your Facebook account.

2. Hover over the My Apps dropdown and select Add New App.

3. Enter the Display Name for your login application—suggested name Login for [WINERY NAME].

4. Add the contact email for your Facebook account, select Business under the Category dropdown, and click Create App ID.

5. You should arrive on the Select a product page. Click the Set Up button under the Facebook Login app type from here.

6. On the Choose a Platform screen, select Settings under the Facebook Login section on the left navigation.

7. Enable all Client OAuth Settings except for "Force Web OAuth Reauthentication" and enter the following under Valid OAuth redirect URIs: This must match your exact domain. Click Save Changes to continue.

Anchor8. To connect your newly configured Facebook Login app to your Vin65 account, you must copy the App ID and Secret numbers for your app. Go to Dashboard, copy your App ID and Secret (click show to view and copy) numbers, and save them in a safe place.

9. In the Vin65 admin panel go to Settings > Website Settings > Content > Social Media. (If you do not see the Website Settings section, you must adjust your admin user login to a Developer.

Check the Facebook Login checkbox and enter your Facebook App ID and Secret keys found in step 8.

10. Click Apply Changes.

Your website will now include a login with the Facebook button on your Checkout and club signup pages.

11. When you're ready to make your New Checkout live, you'll also want to set your Facebook Login app live. To do this, log in to your Facebook account at and navigate to your app under the dropdown menu.

12. Click on App Review in the left-hand menu, and then click the toggle beside Your app is in development and unavailable to the public.

13. When the popup appears, click Confirm, and your app will be set to live. Your customers will no longer see that the Facebook Login is in development when using the Login with Facebook option on your new Checkout.

Checkout with Facebook

Checkout with Facebook allows customers that do not currently have an account with your winery to use their Facebook account to quickly create a customer record with their name and email address. After completing their order, this information and their Facebook account ID will be saved to a new customer record in your account.

Club Signup with Facebook

Like the Checkout, customers without an existing account can sign up for a club membership using their Facebook account to quickly create a customer record with their name and email address. After completing the signup, this information and their Facebook account ID will be saved to a new customer record in your account.

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