Order Validation
  • 03 Jul 2023
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Order Validation

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Article Summary

All (or some) of the following checks are in place for order processing to ensure that all order elements are valid to ship. Order processing time within the fulfillment system can take 15-30 mins. 

Below is the  order workflow steps our system processes your orders:

  • Copied Order Check*
  • Order contains at least one line item for shipment
  • Shipping Instructions/Notes *Orders will go on hold until cleared*
    • There is a 240-character limitation to this field.  If you use ShipCompliant, exceeding this limitation will prevent successful order transmission
  • Order Type Setup (Club, Daily, Special or OnSite)
    • *This check is where the shipment notification is assigned*
  • Cool Pack configuration. 
  • Ship-To Address validation; will stop if containing a PO Box
  • Address validation check*:
  • Address line items have a character limit of 30 Characters (including spaces) per line:
  • Shipping State setup
  • Identify Shipping Channel
  • Sufficient Vintage Funds Balance*
  • Shipping Required License*
  • Shipping Permit setup
  • Consumer Permit setup* - AL
    • State of Alabama ABC Blank form required for all shipments to AL.
  • Dry zip code*
  • State Volume limits*
  • Label Registration*
  • Price Posting*
  • Confirm available inventory and reserve inventory
  • Check Delivery Area
  • Future Requested Ship Date
  • Determination of Weather Hold*
  • Check if Order is Auto-Released*

* Depending on your account setup, these checks may not apply to your orders.

Orders that contain missing or unrecognized order data will fail in Orders Needing Action.” Specific order attributes can be fixed from this page and retried within the system for reprocessing.

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