Shipment Notifications
  • 07 Oct 2023
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Shipment Notifications

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Shipment Notifications

The Shipment Notification Log displays all shipment notification emails sent to consumers, including those with issues. To display the log, follow the steps listed below.

  • Choose the account to display the emails sent to consumers
  • Choose the date range and the notification status (sent or emails with errors or all emails).
  • Click Search
  • You will get an exportable document that shows:
    • The current account
    • WDF Order Number
    • Client Order Number
    • Order Type
    • Carrier Name
    • Tracking information
    • Ship Date
    • Recipient Customer
    • Notification and Message Status
  • The 3-Dot menu on the right gives you access to view or resend the email that was sent to the consumer.
  • The Notification Status confirms whether the email was sent successfully or not.


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