Transfers: In Request
  • 03 Mar 2023
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Transfers: In Request

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Transfers: In Request - Fulfillment
This article explores how to execute an Inventory IN submission to transfer inventory into the fulfillment warehouse.

From this screen, you can view current Inventory In requests and create new Inventory-in Orders:


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When viewing previous inventory-in requests, you can search by a specific warehouse, a custom date range, or by one of the five preset date options, In requests containing specific SKUs, Request Status, and Delivery Method.


After selecting Search, you will be able to download the list of your requests to an excel file.


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Creating a new Inventory-In Order:


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Define the Vendor, Add a Reference Number, and Define the Destination Warehouse.


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Next, you will need to verify the general information for the Inventory-In Order and the delivery Information.

Once products are added you will be able to submit the request or delete the request from the general information field.


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Following that you will need to add the products you will be sent to the warehouse, this can be done one product at a time or in batches.

One Product at a time:


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In Batch, first, download the excel template:


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You can also add any notes needed for this Inventory-In Request.


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The email for an Inventory In request will send immediately after the In is received and/or closed.

Once the inventory has been received on the product(s), the email notification will send to the email setup for notifications.

Tip: Double-checking the email notification setup on the Email Preferences page is recommended for Suppliers (Wineries) to check their preferences.

Finding the Email notification can be located after an In Order has been received in the details:



  • Reference numbers must be unique; it will generate an error if the same reference number is attempted upon creation.
  • Brand new SKU creation/updates can take approx. 15-30 mins to create/update in the warehouse. Note: the user can still create a DRAFT as a placeholder and resubmit later.
  • Once an Inventory-In has been created, it will be in "DRAFT" mode. The Inventory-In can be modified as many times as the user desires before submitting. Once the Inventory-In is submitted, no modifications can be made. If the user wishes to add additional items to a submitted In, they must proceed with creating a new Inventory In request.
  • The cancel option is permission-based that is added to the user account.
  • CSV export buttons are located in the search results and in the Inventory-In order details.

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